Here Are 3 Indicators That Your E-commerce Website Needs a Rebranding

E-commerce Website Needs

Take it this way:

You launched your e-commerce website three years ago. The site has been a high performer when it comes to Google ranking and traffic. Also, your productivity remained stable for that duration with an increase during the peak season as usual business.  Suddenly, your rankings are dropping; the traffic is decreasing. Your sales are no longer growing.

Probably, your customers are finding an alternative site and ditching your online store. Or what might be the problem? Maybe your site needs a makeover or a rebranding. Here are three indicators that you need to rebrand your e-commerce website:

1.    Reduction in traffic

Website traffic is an essential component of the e-commerce business. The number of people visiting your website determines the level of sales you will make. Also, traffic is an indicator of how quickly a visitor can find your site on the search engine. In this regard, if you find your traffic is declining, chances are your visitors, and customers are facing difficulties while navigating your site or they have found a better option.

For you to ensure you do not lose customers, it is a high time to think about how you can enhance the relevance of your site. This would be through rebranding it to ensure it fits well with the current trend.

2.    Slow loading speed

When you think about e-commerce website, priority should go to loading speed. In this generation, people using online platforms are impatient. They do not have a whole day to wait for your site to load. In fact, online visitors wait for less than 6 seconds. For this reason, if you are looking on to succeed in your online business high loading speed of your site is paramount.

In this essence, if you notice that your site loading speed is slowing down, it is a time to rethink on how to enhance it through rebranding your site to ensure it is in conformation with the current trends.

3.    Hard to integrate with new elements

Innovations are a general trend on the internet. Each day discoveries to enhance website usability and experience are coming up. For you to remain relevant, your site should easily integrate with the new designs and elements.

However, due to use of outdated codes and platforms, it becomes hard for some websites to integrate with the current innovations.  If your e-commerce website falls into this category, it is your time to rethink the way forward which means a rebrand.


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