7 Benefits of Yahoo Store as an E-commerce Platform

For any merchant looking to start selling products and services online, the internet offers endless opportunities. There are many free and paid e-commerce platforms available today that anyone wishing to sell online can leverage. However, the availability of multiple e-commerce platforms means you’ll have a rough time choosing the best to sell your products on, that's why we recommend you to start trying the free trial website with Shopify for a start.

Now, while the big players like Amazon, eBay and BigCommerce have ruled the e-commerce space for a long time, the launch of Yahoo store in 2014 shook the e-commerce landscape. Today, more people are leveraging Yahoo Stores to sell their products and services online. But what are the advantages of selling products and services through Yahoo Store?

- You don’t need to pay for hosting, as it happens on other e-commerce platforms

If you're looking for an authoritative and comprehensive solution for your e-commerce business, Yahoo store provides just that. Yahoo Store comes with all the powerful capabilities to build out a simple interface for public consumption. The starter hosting package comes with 5 GB disc space, 200 email addresses and easy to use design tools. The professional web hosting package comes with 20 GB disc space, 1000 email addresses, including all devices and services.

- Yahoo e-commerce solution comes with innovative tracking tools

One of the main features that put Yahoo Store on the map is the availability of a complete set of tracking tools. These tools enable you to see critical data, such as where the traffic is emanating from and how it’s converting. You’re also able to know your store’s visits, page views, and sales data for any timescale. These tracking tools also inform you which keywords and search engines are contributing traffic to your e-commerce store.

- They are continually innovating new features to improve your e-commerce solutions

Yahoo Store has its team of expert marketers and engineers who work exclusively with Yahoo store. They have been able to stay afloat because they continuously listen to developers and e-commerce retailers to make sure they are availing the newest tools and features to their store owners. They do this to operate fully functional e-commerce platforms.

- Allow you to create coupons on your e-commerce solutions easily

With Yahoo Store, you can create coupons with little effort. You can set up your custom codes and also set individual expiry dates. The coupon manager allows you to generate percentage discounts, for example, 5% off, as well as amount discounts, for example, $10 off. You can also create shipping offers seamlessly. On top of all that, you're able to see the total amount generated through the coupon codes.

- Yahoo Store e-commerce solutions come with shopping cart software

Your e-commerce solution will include customer-friendly shopping cart software if you choose Yahoo Store. Shopping cart and checkout pages are critical to the success of any e-commerce platform. A shopping cart automatically computes tax and shipping charges on each product, making the customer experience optimal.

- Yahoo e-commerce solutions come with order management systems

With an order management system, accepting, processing and confirming the status of incoming orders becomes easy. You’re at liberty to customize the order management system to apply your order settings, as well as tax rates and shipping.

- You are building your e-commerce platforms on a recognized brand

Yahoo is a global brand that has been in existence for many years. With recognition comes trust. Customers will enter their personal and credit card information on this platform with a piece of mind knowing that the site is utterly secure. They can also conveniently contact Yahoo for support in case a problem manifests along the way. The level of Yahoo recognition also gives your e-commerce store a high degree of trust, which is a factor that will benefit your business.